Heading Goes Here

Christening of Yuliya's niece Sofiya Sofiya's mom Anna and Yuliya Christening ceremony Christening ceremony
The priest is praying The priest is praying Anointing of Sofiya The ceremony is continuying
The priest instructs Anna Yuliya's cousin Dima Dima and his mom Galya Steven in the bus
Yuliya and her aunt Galya Winery "Massandra" Yuliya, Dima and Galya at the winery Yuliya on the barrel
Shelvings with wine Yuliya and Galya are choosing wine At the entrance to the winery Galya, Yuliya and Dima
Old wine-maker Part of the winery complex Waiting for the excursion to the winery Greek amphoras to keep wine
Dima and amphoras Barrels with sherry This amphora is almost Yuliya's height In the inner yard of the winery
The oldest part of the winery The oldest part of the winery The rest of the complex The rest of the complex
Unique wine collection Unique wine collection Yuliya in front of the barrel of wine Dima between barrels of wine
Equipment to transfer wine Galya, Yuliya and Dima in Yalta Strong wind spoils Yuliya's hair-style Yuliya in front of the yacht
Dima and yachts Yulia and Steven Pirate and Yuliya Dima on the bike
Dima and bike "I will get such one day" Doves in the pergola Doves bill and coo
Dima Dima, Yuliya and Steven Waiting for the wave Here is the wave
Dima and Steven Dima and Steven Posing Yuliya Playing Yuliya
Yuliya and Steven "I'm taller now" Yuliya says Yuliya and a doggy Yuliya between Russian writer A.P. Chehov and his character
Dima and Yuliya Steven and Yuliya Dima in the shooting-range "I'm a good marksman!"
Choosing good rifle Aiming a rifle Paing attention to the target Fire!
"I'm a victor!"